Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Not Waddling, It's Limping

Went to the osteo today to get my knee looked at.  Got some X-rays and a physical exam.  The diagnosis is arthritis, with some bone spurs.  Doctor unable to make a more definitive diagnosis or prescribe treatment, because apparently MRI machines and arthoscopic instruments are just two more things that aren't made in 7X.

About what I expected.  Along with a plug for gastric bypass -- my polite yet short reply that it's contraindicated for patients with binge eating disorders and even if that wasn't an issue the long-term side effects disincline me to consider it an option -- seemed to leave him without an answer.  Polite enough, I guess.  Helpful in that I know there's nothing icky going on in there like cancer.

So it looks like I just got a bum knee, and I have to learn to live with it.  Been doing so for a while now.

Enough.  Topic shift!

Name something about your body that you like.

That's going to become difficult in fairly short order.

**Maybe not as much as you think.**

Oh hey, look who's here.

**Introduce me later, sweetheart.  Tell me something about your body that you like.**

My eyes.

I like how they've got tiny yellow flecks right around the pupils, and I like how they can look like pretty much any color.  Depends on what I'm wearing.  They're nice eyes.  Pretty even.

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