Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some Drugs Are Good For You

Discovered this stuff when I was jacking a register back in the day:
Aspirin/Acetaminophen Pain Reliever Caplets, Analgesic Caplets
It's an aspirin/acetometaphin (Tylenol, or Paracetemol) mix, with a dash of caffiene.  Basically, Extra Strength Excedrin with the ingredients in different proportions.  It's the best anti-inflammatory stuff I've been able to find over the counter.  If your body chemistry is such that Alieve does nothing for you, this is the stuff you want.

A couple caveats; do not take these bad boys on an empty stomach.  You will be made to pay.  Also, if you're taking any prescriptions that use a Tylenol base (includes most prescription painkillers), be careful taking this or anything else over the counter.  It's easy to overdose on Tylenol without realizing it, because there's no symptoms.  Until all of a sudden your liver fails.


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